Clarabelle’s Ice Cream

On Buena Vista Street is Clarabelle’s Ice Cream. Here you’ll find wonderful ice cream treats like sundaes, cups, cones, kitchen sinks and ice cream bars. So if you’re craving something sweet, then Clarabelle’s is just want you are looking for.

Clarabelle's Ice Cream

r Clarabelle’s Ice Cream serves Dreyer’s ice cream desserts

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: American

Meals: Snacks

Location: Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure

Hours: 11 am – varies

Passholder Discount: Premium 15%; Others 10%

Ice cream treats - Clarabelle's

Ice cream treats available at Clarabelle’s



Dining Tips

  • Try the “kitchen sink” or hand-dipped ice cream bar.
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