Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Carts

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea is the official coffee of the Disney Parks. Throughout the park you’ll find Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Carts where you can fuel up with coffee, relax with some tea or enjoy a tasty pastry. Seasonally, they feature signature beverages with flavors that fit the season and holidays.

Joffrey's Coffee and Tea in the American Pavilion

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea in the American Pavilion

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: Coffee and Tea

Meals: Snacks

Locations: Entrance to Epcot, Inovenntions East, International Gateway, United Kingdom Pavilion, and American Adventure Pavilion

Hours: Varies

Disney Dining Plan: Snack credits

Tables in Wonderland: Not accepted

Joffrey's Iced Coffee from Joffrey's Coffee and Tea in Epcot

Joffrey’s Iced Coffee


Coffee  3.39
Double Espresso  3.49
Cappuccino  4.89
Cafe Latte  4.89
Chai Latte  4.89
Mocha Latte  5.39
Vanilla Latte  5.39
Hot Tea  3.39
Peach Iced Tea  3.99
Hot Chocolate  3.89
Frozen Drinks  5.39
Frozen Cappuccino  5.39

Coffee or Latte with choice of Baily’s, Kahlua or Jameson  8.49
Shakin Jamaican – frozen cappuccino with Kahlua or Bailey’s topped with whipped cream  8.49
Tea Breeze – freshly brewed tea and frozen lemonade topped with Grey Goose vodka  8.49

Dining Tips

  • Nearly everything on the menu can be redeemed with Disney Dining Plan snack credit, excluding alcohol.
  • Try the seasonal drinks offered. They are always good.
  • You can purchase select Walt Disney World exclusive coffee blends at the carts.
  • List of all Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea locations at Disney World.
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