Liberty Square Market

If you’re looking for quick, healthy snack options Liberty Square Market is the place for you. The open-air market is located between Columbia Harbour House and The Hall of Presidents. Offerings include baked potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of cold beverages.

Liberty Square Market

Liberty Square Market in Magic Kingdom

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: Fruit and vegetables

Meals: Snacks

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Hours: Varies

Disney Dining Plan: Snack credits

Tables in Wonderland: Not accepted

Liberty Square Market - fruit

Available fruit at Liberty Square Market


Apple slices  2.79
Green apple  1.99
Orange  1.99
Watermelon  3.39
Grapes  3.79
Banana  1.99
Mixed fruit  3.79
Pineapple cup  3.99
Pickle  1.59
Carrots & celery sticks  3.99
Ocean Spray Craisins dried cranberries  3.99
Ocean Spray Craisins fruit and nut trail mix  3.99
Hot Dog with sauerkraut  5.49
Baked potato  3.39
Baked sweet potato 3.39
Assorted chips  2.69
Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt  3.19
Chocolate-chip cookies  2.99
smartwater  4.25
Bottle beverages  2.99
Minute Maid frozen slush  3.99
Orange Mango sparkling water  3.75
Ruby Red grapefruit juice  3.19
Cranberry Apple Raspberry  3.19
POWERade  4.00
Pomegranate Blue  3.99
Peach White tea, Honey Green tea and Not-too-Sweet tea  3.99
Seagram’s sparkling water  2.79
Dasani bottled water  2.75

Dining Tips

  • Seating can be found behind the market by Columbia Harbour House.
  • Nearly everything here (except for the baked potato, hot dog and a few others) can be purchased using Disney Dining Plan snack credits.
  • May be closed due to inclimate weather.
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