Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Royal Anandapur Tea Company, exporters of specialty teas, features a variety of teas including white, green, oolong, black, rooibos and honeybush. No matter what type of tea you like there is something for you. Teas can be served hot or cold. For those who are coffee drinks, there are drinks for you too! Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte and mocha are all available.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: American

Meals: Drinks

Location: Asia, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Hours: Varies

Disney Dining Plan: Not accepted

Tables in Wonderland: Not accepted

Royal Anandapur Tea Company hot tea menu

Available hot teas at Royal Anandapur Tea Company


Bottled Water  2.75

Hot Tea – Choice of specialty teas  3.39

Iced Tea – Choice of specialty teas  3.49

Peach Ice Tea – other flavors include passion fruit, pomagranate, hibiscus  3.99

Green Apple Iced Tea  3.99

Iced Chai Latte  4.89

Frozen Chai  5.39

Coffee  3.39

Double Espresso  3.49

Cafe Latte  4.89

Mocha Latte  5.39

Flavored Latte – Hot or Iced – vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or Irish cream  5.39

Hot Chocolate  3.89

Frozen Beverages  5.39

Frozen Cappuccino  5.39

Assorted Pastries  3.99

Danish  3.99

Donuts  3.99

Muffins  3.99

Harvest Latte – rich espresso blended with creamy milk and caramel sauce with apple syrup served hot or over ice, topped with whipped cream  5.39

Pumpkin Pie Latte – rich espresso blended with creamy milk and pumpkin flavoring served hot or over ice  5.39

Hot Apple Cider Tea – blend of heartwarming spices, crisp apples and naturally caffeine free  3.39

Dining Tips

  • There is limited seating next to Royal Anandapur Tea Company, if no seating is available head over to Yak & Yeti.
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