Review: La Cantina de San Angel

La Cantina de San Angel is a quick service restaurant located in the Mexico pavilion of Epcot.  It is open daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

La Cantina de San Angel 3Ambiance

La Cantina de San Angel is located right on the waterfront and is very open and airy.  There are covered tables with high ceilings and fans, or tables in the sun right next to the lagoon.  Since this is the first stop in the World Showcase, La Cantina de San Angel tends to always be busy.

La Cantina de San AngelMenu

The menu at La Cantina de San Angel is pretty limited and doesn’t seem to every change.  Options include tacos de carne (smoked beef brisket tacos), empanadas de queso (fresh corn masa filled with Chihuahua cheese), tacos de pollo (grilled chicken served on fresh handmade corn tortillas), torta de barbacoa (traditional Mexican sandwich with beef barbacoa), torta de pollo (traditional Mexican sandwich with battered chicken tenders), nachos, or guacamole con totopos (corn tortilla chips accompanied by guacamole).  Kids’ options are cheese empanadas or chicken tenders.  Dessert options include churros or paletas (traditional Mexican fruit popsicles).  Margaritas are also served.

La Cantina de San Angel 4Food and Drink

I opted for the tacos de carne, frozen lime margarita, and churros.  The tacos de carne was delicious.  It consisted of smoked beef brisket tacos served on fresh handmade corn tortillas with pico de gallo, lime and a side corn tortilla chips.  The beef brisket was smoky and moist.  The frozen lime margarita was fair.  It was good, but not as strong as I would have preferred.  You can get similar quality margaritas at any of the margarita stands in the Mexico pavilion.  The paletas I have had in the past have always been hit or miss, but I have never had a churro I did not like.  These churros did not disappoint!


Since this is a quick service restaurant, there isn’t much service.  You order your food from one podium and pick it up at another window.  The condiment station is plentiful and is self-service, including a few different types of salsa.  Seating is all outdoors and first come first serve.

La Cantina de San Angel 2Overall

La Cantina de San Angel is a great quick stop if you are in the mood for Mexican food.  The food is pretty good and the margaritas are okay.  Just don’t be surprised if there are long lines!

Alexia is a fan of all things Disney, especially the food!  When she is not helping plan magical vacations you can find her on Facebook or Twitter.

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