Review: Pizza Planet

Pizza Planet is a Quick Service restaurant located in the back of Hollywood Studios next to Muppet Vision 3D.


Pizza Planet looks exactly as you would expect the Pizza Planet in Toy Story to look like.  It reminded me of a Dave and Buster’s, with more big kid or adult games.  It wasn’t as large as I expected it to be, but there is still plenty of fun for everyone.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t very crowded either.  I honestly don’t think a lot of people realize it is there.


The menu at Pizza Planet is pretty limited.  Your choices are pizza (veggie, cheese, pepperoni, or meat lovers), a meatball sub, or a salad.  Kid’s choices are cheese pizza, a mini chicken sub, or a Power Pack (usually yogurt, carrots, Goldfish Crackers, string cheese, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich).


Food and Drink

The food was just okay.  I had a veggie pizza and I honestly think I can make better pizza from scratch at home.  It wasn’t the worst quick service meal we had, but it certainly wasn’t the best either.



Since this is a quick service restaurant, there isn’t much service here.  You order your food from a cast member at a podium, then you pick up your order from a window.  Seating is first come first serve.  If its crowded, it’s a good idea to have one person find a table while another gets the food.



You definitely eat at Pizza Planet for the atmosphere, not for the food.  The girls had fun running around pretending like they were actually in the movie version of Pizza Planet.  Next time, we might just go back to play and eat somewhere else.

Alexia is a fan of all things Disney, especially the food!  When she is not helping plan magical vacations you can find her on Facebook or Twitter.

One Thought on “Review: Pizza Planet

  1. I’ve been through this restaurant many times to take pictures and look, but I’ve never eaten here. In fact, my son and I were talking about Pizza Planet today on our way to school! He is DYING to eat there- like Andy! 🙂

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