Pacific Wharf Cafe

Connected to the Boudin Bakery is Pacific Wharf Cafe. During breakfast hours, guests can enjoy dishes like egg and bacon boule – scrambled eggs served in a bread boule with two slices of bacon and fruit. After breakfast, sandwiches, salads and soups served in bread bowls. The restaurant serves and sells the sourdough bread made at Boudin Bakery. For 4.99, you can purchase a loaf or round. Better yet, pick up a Mickey-shaped bread for 6.99 to take home!

Pacific Wharf Cafe

Portraits inside Pacific Wharf Cafe

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: American

Meals: Brearkfast, lunch and dinner

Location: Pacific Wharf, Disney California Adventure

Hours: 8 am – park closing

Passholder Discount: Premium 15%; Others 10%

Sonoma Chicken and Apple Salad - Pacific Wharf Cafe

Sonoma chicken and apple salad from Pacific Wharf Cafe



Dining Tips

  • There is plenty of seating! Being located on Pacific Wharf, there are several restaurants to make everyone in your family happy.
  • Take a tour of Boudin Bakery!
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