Resort Refillable Mugs

Available at Walt Disney World, Resort Refillable Mugs can be purchased in food courts, quick-service locations and pool bars. The mugs give you the ability to receive “free refills” for the duration of your stay at your resort.

The mugs can be filled with coffee, iced and hot tea, hot chocolate and a variety of soft drinks. Choices vary by location but may include: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Minute Maid Lemonade, Minute Maid Lemonade Light, Minute Maid Pomegranate Lemonade Light, Fanta Orange, Hi-C Pink Lemonade, Barq’s Rootbeer, Red Powerade and Blue Powerade.

refillable mug

The blue mug is the old refillable mug and the green, the new Disney Rapid Fill mug
Photo: Dave Shute

Refillable Mug FAQ

As of August 2013, Disney has updated their refillable mug program to now be RFID activated. The refillable mugs are good only for your length of stay, which has been the policy for years. Due to too many people bringing back their mugs from a previous trip and using their own mugs Disney has installed this new system.

Landscape of Flavor grab-a-mug station

Landscape of Flavor grab-a-mug station at Disney’s Art of Animation

Where at my resort do I fill my mug?

  • All Star Resorts:End Zone Food Court (Sports), Intermission Food Court (Music) and World Premier Food Court (Movies)
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge: Mara (Jambo), Johari Treasures and Maji Pool Bar (Kidani Village)
  • Art of Animation Resort: Landscape of Flavors
  • BoardWalk Inn and Villas: BoardWalk Bakery, BoardWalk Joe, BoardWalk Pizza Window and Seashore Sweets
  • Caribbean Beach Resort: Old Port Royale Food Court
  • Coronado Springs Resort: Café Rix, Pepper Market and Siesta Poolside
  • Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds: Trail’s End (soft drinks only) and Meadow’s Pool
  • Grand Floridian Resort and Spa: Gasparilla Grill
  • Old Key West Resort: Goods-to-Go and Turtle Shack
  • Polynesian Resort: Capt. Cook’s
  • Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter and Riverside: Riverside Mill Food Court, and Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory
  • Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa: The Artist’s Palette and Pool Bar
  • Wilderness Lodge: Roaring Forks
  • Yacht and Beach Club: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, Hurricane Hanna’s Grill and Marketplace

How much do they cost?

8.99 for one day
11.99 for two days
14.99 for three days
17.99 for Length of Stay

Does a resort refillable mug come with the Disney Dining Plans?

Yes! All of the Disney Dining Plans come with a refillable mug for everyone in your party.

What can I fill my mug with?

The mug is good on fountain drinks, coffee and tea at any resort self-service beverage station. This is different from the previous mugs which where only valid for the resort in which you were staying.

How can I tell the difference between the mugs?

The new mugs now have the Disney Rapid Fill logo on them. They also come in three different colors than the previous mugs – purple, green and orange.

How does it work?

Once you’ve purchased or received your mug as part of the Disney Dining Plan, you’ll head to the Rapid Fill beverage station. You’ll place your cup on the tray underneath the beverage of your choice. If your mug isn’t on the tray, or properly placed, the Rapid Fill screen will notify you. Once you’ve properly placed your mug, you’ll press the button for the beverage of your choice. While your beverage is filling the Rapid Fill screen will let you know when you can refill your mug through. Once it’s finished filling your mug the screen will say “Fill Complete”.

How will I know when I can get another refill?

You’ll have two minutes between refills. If you try to refill before your allotted time it will notify you have how long you have before your next refill.

Can I mix two drinks together?

Yes! Many guests like to mix two drinks together such as lemonade and ice tea. The new machines will still let you do that. They will let you fill until you’ve reached the max capacity for the cups. At that point you’ll see the “Fill Complete” screen.

Can I use the mug at other resorts?

Yes. Unlike the previous mugs, Disney will allow you to use the mugs at any of the resorts Rapid Fill Mug stations.

Can I bring my refillable mug back on my next trip to Disney World?

Disney states, “Refills available at no additional charge at Resort Beverage Islands located in the resort that this mug was purchased through the end of your resort stay.” The new Rapid Fill Mugs RFID chip is set with the number of days you activate it for and can’t be used on return visits.

Will they really save me money?

It depends. The longer the length of your trip, the more you’re likely to save. If you stop daily to pick up a morning coffee and evening Coke, definitely! A drink costs $2.49 (plus tax), so if you pick up seven or more drinks at your resorts food court during the duration of your stay, you’ll save money.


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