Taking Food Into the Parks

Some guests choose to bring food into the parks due to dietary restrictions, food allergies or to even save money. No doubt you’ll save money by bringing in your own food and drinks. Disney does have some restrictions.

Restricted items:

  • No glass containers.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • The container is no larger than 24” x 15” x 18” and doesn’t have wheels.
  • The food doesn’t require heating.

Will my food need to be checked by security?

Security does check all bags coming into the parks for weapons and other questionable items. They will not stop you from bring food into the parks unless it is something that is restricted. To make the process of going through security easier and faster, put the food in clear bags and containers. This way security can see exactly what is in them and not have you open them up to check.

Insulated tote

Insulated totes are great for carrying food in the parks!

How should I bring it in?

Many guests choose to use insulated cooler totes. These are much easier to carry around the parks than those with hard sides. Once they are empty they can be folded down and stowed away in a backpack or stroller.

Once inside the park you can choose to carry your food with you or store it in a locker. All of the Disney parks and water parks have lockers at the entrance making it a long haul to get to your food when you are hungry. Two locker sizes are offered: 22” x 12” x 17” for $9 a day and 16” x 9” x 17” for $7 a day. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom only the small lockers are available. There is a $5 key deposit that is added, but refunded once the key is returned at the end of the day.

If you have food that could spoil like yogurt or meat and cheese sandwiches, put them in plastic baggies and cover with ice from your resort. In the hot, Florida sun it will keep much longer than just sitting in your cooler.

Can my food be heated?

Disney chefs and Cast Members are not able to prepare, cook, heat or reheat any items that guests bring into the restaurants at the parks or resorts. However, the quick-service resort restaurants are equipped with microwaves that you can just pop your food into. You can either heat your food up before you go and keep it hot in an insulated cooler or hop over to a  nearby resort to heat it.

Microwaves at Landscape of Flavors

Microwaves at Landscape of Flavors – Art of Animation Resort

Do you bring food and drinks into the parks?

Yes, I always bring bottles of water into the parks. With the heat and humidity it’s very important to stay hydrated and at $2.50 a bottle, water can get very expensive when drinking two or three a day. It saves a lot of money in long run. Occasionally I’ll pack some snacks like cereal bars or crackers. Being a foodie, I think it’s important to experience the great food that Disney has to offer. It’s part of the whole experience of being at Disney.

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