Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine

Maurice has been at it again. This time his crazy invention serves sweet and savory snacks. Pick up some freshly popped popcorn or ice cream treats such as everyone’s favorite – Mickey’s Premium ice cream bar or Nestle Delicious pineapple frozen fruit bar. You can also purchase popcorn in a souvenir bucket, bottle straps and toppers.

Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine

Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: American

Meals: Snacks

Location: New Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Hours: Varies

Disney Dining Plan: Snack credits

Tables in Wonderland: Not accepted


Popcorn  $4.00
Popcorn in a Souvenir Bucket  $6.00
Mickey’s Premium Bar  $4.25
Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwich  $4.25
Mango fruit bar  $3.75
Frozen Chocolate-Covered Banana with nuts  $4.25
Olaf Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Bar  $4.00
Strawberry Bar (no-sugar added)  $3.75
Frozen Lemonade, Orangeade, and Strawberry Lemonade Cup  $4.00
smartwater  $4.25
Bottled Coca-Cola Beverages  $3.25
Dasani Bottled Water  $2.75
Bottle Strap $3.75
Bottle Topper  $3.75

Dining Tips

  • Most of the items can be purchased with Disney Dining Plan snack credits, except merchandise including the souvenir bucket.
  • Seating is available nearby in front of Gaston’s Tavern.
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