Paradise Garden Grill

Paradise Garden Grill, located next to Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, serves up skewers, gyro platter and Greek salads. Guests who order the skewers get a choice of Moroccan Chili, Chimichurri or Tzatziki sauce. While enjoying your meal you can listen to the sounds of the band on the Paradise Garden Bandstand.

Paradise Garden Grill

Paradise Garden Grill at Paradise Pier serves Mediterranean food

Service: Quick Service

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Meals: Lunch and dinner

Location: Paradise Pier, Disney California Adventure

Hours: 11 am – varies

Passholder Discount: Premium 15%; Others 10%

Grilled steak skewer - Paradise Garden Grill

Grilled steak skewer with Tzatziki from Paradise Garden Grill



Dining Tips

  • For vegetarians, there is a vegetable and tofu skewer and Greek salad.
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