Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff now serving sugar highs

You can now get your sugar fix at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff on Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure!

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff is officially open, and full of rainbows and sugary treats. Here you can find candy, baked goods, and icy treats all themed to Pixar’s hit Inside Out and other Pixar favorites. The new store is located on the reimagined Pixar Pier and features, the part elephant, part cat, part dolphin, Bing Bong of Riley’s imagination in Inside Out. Soon there will be be a statue of Bing Bong crying his candy tears but until that makes its debut, there is still plenty to see in the colorful shop. Mountains of plush Pixar characters, merchandise and toys are surrounded by candy of all kinds. Rainbow Unicorn oversees the checkout counter, decorated in lollipops and serving rainbow cotton candy. You can also get Unicorn bark, a white chocolate base with sour belts and crackle candy inside.

Bing Bong’s Memory Refreshers!

The biggest highlight of the new shop is the Memory Refresher counter! The colorful frozen slush drinks are named cleverly after Inside Out’s emotional characters. I tried the Rainbow Unicorn Memory Refresher, a medley off all the flavors offered and topped with Nerds Candy. It was very sweet, but welcome on a hot California day! Other Flavors include Sunshine in a Cup, Slow Burn, and Imaginary Pal, topped with Cotton Candy. Other options offer popping pearls or yogurt pearls.

The bakery case is filled with Inside Out cake pops, Bing Bong decorated Carmel apples and Incredibles themed rice cereal treats. If candy is more your thing, the Pixar character packaging on licorice wheels or sour belts might appeal. Bottom line, there’s something for everyone in Bing Bong’s candy kingdom: sweet, sour, and sometimes even spicy.

Check out some photos from the new shop below and make sure to drop by the next time you’re on Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure!

Have you been to Bing Bong’s? What was your favorite treat?

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