Finding Dory treats swim into Disney parks

Just in time for the new Disney animated movie “Finding Dory”, the talented candy makers at the Disney parks are debuting two new tasty treats. First up is Dory, of course, since she is the star of the new movie. This delicious treat is a caramel and white chocolate dipped apple that is rolled in bright “Dory” blue sugar with a few dark chocolate swirls. The fins are made from marshmallows that have been dipped in chocolate and then rolled in yellow sugar.

Dory Caramel Apple – Photo from Disney Parks Blog

The other treat you will find swimming around the candy stores is none other than Nemo himself. This apple is dipped in caramel and then coated in white chocolate and given a nice layer of orange sugar. Once again, his fins are also made of marshmallows that are cut and dipped in chocolate. Finishing him off is some dark chocolate accents.

Nemo Caramel Apple – Photo from Disney Parks Blog

If you are in the mood to try one of these, don’t go fishing around for them until May 22nd. That is when you will be able to find them at the following locations:

Disneyland Resort Candy Palace on Main Street USA, Hunny Spot in Critter Country

Disney California Adventure Trolley Treats

Downtown Disney District Marceline’s Confectionery


Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom Park Big Top Souvenirs

Disney Springs West Side – Disney’s Candy Cauldron

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  1. Looks very funny 🙂

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