General Store Candies and Drinks in Magic Kingdom

If your sweet tooth starts aching in Frontierland, stop by the General Store Candies and Drinks. It’s located near Liberty Tree Tavern and serves a variety of treats.

General Store - Magic Kingdom

General Store in Frontierland

If you love candy, then you’ll love it here! A wide array of candy is offered. You’ll find over 40 kinds of Jelly Belly jelly beans, nearly 35 colors of M & Ms, Goofy’s sour powder candy, lollipops, Minnie’s baked goods, Mickey’s candy bars, as well as other goodies in a case by the register. We love to stop by and pick up a little something to snack on while walking around the park.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans - General Store

Tons of Jelly Belly Jelly Bean flavors to choose from

M & Ms at General Store

There are plenty of M & M colors!

Goofy's Sour - General Store

Goofy’s Sour is even available

Mickey and Minnie treats at General Store

You didn’t think Mickey and Minnie wouldn’t have treats, did you?

Do YOU stop into the General Store when you’re at Magic Kingdom?

2 Thoughts on “General Store Candies and Drinks in Magic Kingdom

  1. Margaret bray on 10 September, 2015 at 2:24 pm said:

    I am having a baby shower that the theme is Mickey & Minnie. I’m interested in black & red m &m’s with Mickey & Minnie on them. And Mickey & Minnie jelly beans

    • I haven’t seen jelly beans that have Mickey and Minnie on them. You can click on our link for Jelly Belly and order some jelly beans that come in those colors and have Mickey and Minnie on the bags.

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