Magic Your Way plus Disney Quick Service Dining Plan

Disney Quick-Service Dining Plan Details

The plan is per person, per night and includes the following:

  • Two quick-service meals (Breakfast: entrée or combo meal and a non-alcoholic beverage; Lunch/Dinner: entrée or combo meal, dessert and a non-alcoholic beverage )
  • Two snacks
  • One Resort refillable drink mug per person, per package valid for length of stay

You can redeem your quick-service meals and snacks as you wish until you’ve used all meal/snack credits. Your meal usage is tracked on your vacation package and you’ll be able to keep up with the number of meals and snacks remaining by checking the bottom of your receipt or stopping by your hotel concierge desk and asking for a print out.

Adults (ages 10 and up): 48.19 per night
Children (ages 3-9): 20.88 per night


  • Everyone staying in your hotel room must be booked on the same package.
  • Kids under the age of 3 are free and may share a meal with an adult or dine from the buffet for free. You may be purchased from the menu separately for them if you’d like.
  • Kids ages 3 – 9 must order from a children’s menu where available.
  • Certain items are not included such as alcoholic beverages, items that are more than a single serving (large bag of candy), items served in souvenir containers and items considered merchandise (glow cubes, bottle straps, etc.).

For additional information on the Quick-Service Dining Plan: 2017 Disney Quick Service Dining Plan brochure.

For information on other Disney Dining Plans, visit our Disney Dining Plans page.

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