New Main Street Popcorn flavors added

The Disney Parks have sold Disney Main Street Popcorn Company pre-packaged popcorn for years. It’s a great treat to take home to eat later. Disney recently added new Main Street Popcorn flavors.

Disney's Main Street Popcorn Company logo

Guests at Disneyland and Disney World can enjoy new popcorn flavors. These flavors are unique and fun, and come in a redesigned bag with vintage Mickey Mouse artwork. New flavors include Sriracha kettle corn, parmesan garlic, kettle corn with red alaea salt, truffle, churro and maple bacon. We can’t wait to try the maple bacon! Don’t worry about your traditional flavors being discontinued. You’ll still be able to get kettle corn, caramel, cheddar and the colorful confetti.

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor? Please, let us know in comment section below!

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