Rumor: Possible changes to the Disney Dining Plan

Rumors have been circulating that as of May 31, 2015 changes have been made to the Disney Dining Plan. However, Disney has yet to make an official announcement. Some are say that Disney will make it on Thursday, June 4.

Disney Dining Plan logo

Table Service Entitlements

Substitutions will be allowed for the dessert option, by request only. Guests will now have the option to exchange dessert for a side salad, cup of soup or fruit plate (where available). Guests will still not be able to exchange the dessert for an appetizer.

Guests participating on the Deluxe, Premium or Platinum Dining Plans can select adult or children’s entrees with table-service credits. So now, if your child wants an adult entree, he or she can order it. Please note, this doesn’t apply to guests who are on the basic Disney Dining Plan. Children must order from the kids menu on this plan.

Columbia Harbour House is located in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom

Columbia Harbour House

Quick Service Entitlements

Guests may substitute a dessert or non-alcoholic beverage with an eligible snack on the menu, within the same transaction. Quick Service meal credits may now be traded for up to three snack credits at select locations. It’s important to note that the conversion must take place within the same transaction.

At quick-service restaurants, guests may also select an adult meal for their kids and adults may order a kids’ meal.

Guests may also choice up to three snack options in place of a quick-service meal, as long as they are in the same transaction. For example, you could substitute your quick service meal for muffin, cookie and coffee.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Disney website listing

Sunshine Tree Terrace appears to no longer be part of the Disney Dining Plan

Snack Entitlements

The possible change that we’re looking forward to most is that now all single-serving items will be included. So items that were excluded in the past, like the funnel cake and caramel apples, may now be included.

Rumored to be included:

  • Non-alcoholic single-serve beverages (excluding souvenir cups)
  • All novelty ice cream items
  • Hand-scooped ice cream, including sundaes (it does not include two scoops or any souvenir bowls)
  • All side items at quick-service restaurant locations
  • Dipping sauces and topping that previous were available as a snack credit (like cheese sauce with your pretzel) will now be included with the snack credit
  • Soups at quick-service restaurants
  • Select quick-service breakfast items (previously considered only as part of an entree), such as a side of bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, cereal with milk, French Toast Sticks, biscuits and gravy, oatmeal, quinoa, grits and hard-boiled eggs.

One thing we noticed on the Disney World website is that some of the quick-service location are no longer listed as being part of the Disney Dining Plan, this includes the home of the Orange Bird, Sunshine Tree Terrace and fan-favorite – Aloha Isle. (Does this mean to more Dole Whips?)

These are just rumors. Disney has not yet announced anything officially about these updates. We just wanted guests who have upcoming trips to be aware of some possible changes to the Disney Dining Plan. Please check back, as we’ll let you know once Disney makes an official announcement.

If you’re at Disney World, have you experienced or noticed any changes to the Disney Dining Plan? We’d love to know, so please feel free to share in our comment section!

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