Everything POP Shopping and Dining gets new menu

Menu changes have taken place at Everything POP Shopping and Dining at Pop Century Resort! Back in June we first hand saw some of the menu changes that Disney Park Blog reported.

There are plenty of new menu items and with that comes the elimination of some as well. We’ve got the scoop on what’s new and what’s gone.

Biscuits with gravy and eggs

Biscuits with sausage gravy and eggs from Everything POP Shopping & Dining

New menu items:

Biscuit with sausage gravy and scrambled eggs
Corned beef hash
Southwest, Floridian, Italian, vegetable and egg-white omelets
Create-Your-Own yogurt parfait
Spanish quiche
Breakfast burritto

Coconut Curry Shrimp Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Reuben Stromboli Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Wonton soup
Sweet & Sour soup
Sausage and potato soup
Black bean burger
Turkey sandwich
Roasted pork sandwich
Reuben stromboli
Salmon burger
Southwest burger
Spring roll sub
Sloppy joe
Gravy fries
Create-Your-Own salad
Margherita flatbread
Create-Your-Own burritos, nachos and tacos
Shrimp & goat cheese flatbread
Pork shank
Shrimp and cheesy grits
Roast vegetable cavatappi
Chicken cavatappi
Pepperoni pizza bread
Coconut curry shrimp
Beef stroganoff
Rotisserie chicken
Roasted vegetables and tofu

Sloppy Joe Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Turkey Sandwich Photo: Disney Parks Blog

No longer available:

Chocolate chip pancakes
Breakfast pizza
Breakfast wrap
Breakfast potatoes

Roast beef and bleu focaccia
Reuben flatbread
Turkey ciabatta
Mexican hot dog
Chili cheese fries
Tilapia sandwich
Meatball sub
Chicken penne alfredo
Vegetarian lasagna
Mom’s Night Out fried chicken
Shrimp lo mein
Grilled salmon

We are really sad to see some of these items go especially the chocolate chip pancakes, roast beef and bleu focaccia, tilapia sandwich, meatball sub and Mom’s Night Out fried chicken. But we have checked out a few of these new menu items. Check back for our reviews on some of these new additions!

What menu items will you miss and which are you looking forward to trying?

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