Gasparilla Island Grill now featuring gourmet hot dogs

Over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Gasparilla Island Grill have unveiled seven gourmet hot dogs. Each will be themed after various cities and regions all across America. The toppings will represent unique aspects of culinary flair in the areas represented. And, six of the seven will be served on a delicious bun freshly baked at the Grand Floridian Bakery. The seventh hot dog is matched with a baked potato.

Since there are seven dogs, it’s only fitting that one will be featured each day of the week. You’ll have to plan your trip so you can get the one you want most. Or, better yet, visit Gasparilla Island Grill each day you’re at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Hot Dog Cleveland

Sunday is fun day as the home of LeBron James is represented. The Cleveland dog is a hot link topped with coleslaw, a mountain of fries and sprinkled with a bit of hot sauce for extra zip. Who says french fries are supposed to be served on the side?

Hot Dog Seattle

Cure your Monday blues with a spicy Seattle dog. If you love some heat like me, then this beautiful masterpiece is just the ticket. It features a heaping of diced raw jalapenos, chopped cabbage, and a bit of cream cheese to cool things off. Sriracha sauce is drizzled to finish things off.

Hot Dog Kansas City

On Tuesday, Gasparilla Island Grill gives a nod to one of Major League Baseball’s World Series contenders. The Kansas City dog has a sauerkraut and swiss cheese. It’s served atop a sesame seed bun.

Hot Dog Memphis

Memphis is known for Elvis Presley’s Graceland, rock ’n’ roll, and its special barbecue style. On Wednesdays, things are rockin’ with a hot dog adorned with two slices of smokey bacon, tangy barbecue sauce, chopped scallions and cheddar cheese.

Hot Dog Idaho

Thursday features a unique style hot dog highlighting the state of Idaho. It’s served on a baked potato with all the trimmings. Bacon bits, sour cream, chives, and cheddar cheese fills this spud to capacity.

Hot Dog New York

How about New York? Hey, fuggedaboutit! Every Friday you can get this hot dog is piled with a wonderful mix of mustard, sauerkraut, and onions.

Hot Dog Chicago

And, last but not least, the world-renowned Chicago dog. This iconic hot dog is served with green relish, chopped white onion, peppers, tomatoes, celery salt, mustard, and a pickle spear. Like all traditional Chicago hot dogs, it sits on top of a poppy seed bun.

No matter what day of the week you visit Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, there will be something unique to eat. Whether you crave something iconic like the Chicago dog or are in the mood for some barbecue such as the Memphis dog, you’ll have an opportunity to satisfy your appetite.

What gourmet hot dog do you want to try most at Gasparilla Island Grill? Let us know your thoughts!

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