Gourmet Holiday Treats at Disneyland throughout December

What better way to celebrate the Holidays at Disneyland than some gourmet treats? This year there will be a super sweet choice of caramel apples, marshmallow wands, and bark.

The gourmet caramel apple looks just like a Christmas tree ornament. The combination of red and green balls sprinkled with white sanding sugar is extremely festive. Apples will be enrobed in caramel and a dark chocolate that’s been blended with peppermint oil. On top will be scores of red and green balls made of milk chocolate. Then, white chocolate is drizzled all over and then dusted with sparkly white sanding sugar.

Gourmet caramel apples at Disneyland available through December [image: Disney Parks Blog]

Gourmet Holiday treats at Disneyland available through December [image: Disney Parks Blog]

If you’re want something even sweeter, try the marshmallow wand. This delight starts with a core of soft, pillowy marshmallow cylinders covered in caramel. It receives the same treatment as the apples beginning with the pepperminty dark chocolate. Red and green chocolate balls are mixed up and then the whole thing is drizzled with white chocolate and sanding sugar.

Of course, for the purists, there is bark available. This is a pure mix of dark chocolate with peppermint oil, chocolate balls, white chocolate drizzle, and sanding sugar. No doubt if Santa saw this on the plate next to cookies, the bark would be the first thing eaten.

Holiday caramel apples [image: Disney Parks Blog]

Holiday caramel apples [image: Disney Parks Blog]

Other caramel apples will also be available in various Holiday motifs. Who doesn’t love Mickey and Minnie with the Mr. and Mrs. Claus hats? Their “pants” are made of white chocolate with red sanding sugar. Little green chocolate candies add the finishing touch.

Due to it’s popularity, the snowman and holiday ornament caramel apples makes their return. The snowman, ever the jolly looking fellow, sports cute Mickey ears on top of his head. A wintery looking caramel apple looks like it could have come from the movie Frozen.

And, don’t forget about the handmade candy canes. For a full rundown on these delectable treats, check out our previous article:  Maximizing the fun of your Disneyland candy cane experience. The candy canes will only be available at Candy Palace in Disneyland and Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure. However, you can find the other Holiday goodies at Marceline’s Confectionary in Downtown Disney and Pooh’s Corner in Critter Country.

Which of these gourmet Holiday treats do you want to try most? Let us know in the comments!

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