Review: Coconut Paleta

For those of you not familiar with paletas, they are traditional Latin American popsicles. La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot has ones that are water-based and made with fresh fruit. Flavors include watermelon, coconut, lime and mango with chili. We’ve tried all four of them, but we’ll be talking about the coconut ones today.

Coconut paleta - La Cantina de San Angel

Coconut paleta from La Cantina de San Angel

Where to Eat It: La Cantina de San Angel
Location: Mexico Pavilion, Epcot
Disney Dining Plan: 1 Snack Credit
Price: $3.95

The coconut paleta is full of flavor and topped with coconut flakes, but once you got towards the end it was full of chunks of coconut. A real treat! A perfect snack on a really hot Florida day when you are looking for something to cool down that is sweet, tasty and refreshing. So next time you need to cool down with something sweet, considering skipping the ice cream cart and snacking on a paleta.

Coconut paleta - La Cantina de San Angel

Up-close look at the coconut

Dining Tip: When picking up your meal at the window, ask the Cast Member to hold your paleta until the end your meal. They are more than happy to do so. The Cast Member will stamp your receipt and when you come back to get it, they’ll make a little mark so they know you’ve picked it up.

What’s your favorite paleta flavor at La Cantina de San Angel?

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