Lickety Split at Four Seasons Orlando will be offering a Barista Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to know how to make those fantastic drinks that you get from a coffee house? Well, now you can! Lickety Split at Four Seasons Orlando will be offering a Barista Bootcamp on select dates this December.

Lickety Split at The Four Seasons Orlando

Lickety Split at The Four Seasons Orlando

At the Barista Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to master single drip coffee, cold brew coffee, make coffee cocktails, and latte art. It’s part of the Four Seasons Entertain U(niversity), a series of unique classes being offered between now and December 31, 2015. They’re taught by the entertaining, talented culinary and beverage masterminds at Four Seasonss properties across the globe.

Lickety Split is not just any coffee shop. They’re innovators! Their baristas featuring techniques and equipment that are unique to Orlando. Lickety Split features Caffe Umbria coffee, a third generation Italian coffee roaster based out of Seattle, Washington. It offers guests six different blends and four different brew styles, giving the baristas the ability to customize the coffee experience.

So what is the Barista Bootcamp at Lickety Split all about?

Well, it’s a 2-hour seminar that will give attendees the skills to make more than just their average cup of joe. (I don’t know Joe, do you?) After these two hours, Lickety Split will have you creating amazing cups of coffee, rich in flavor and looks just as artsy as what you get at a coffee shop. You’ll learn from Allison Burkard, Manager of Lickety Split. She’s not just any coffee connoisseur. No… she sharpened her coffee skills in Seattle, Washington at the headquarters for Caffe Umbria coffee roasting company. So he she knows her stuff!

Allison Burkard will start by teaching how to make the signature cold brew coffee Lickety Split is known for, followed by how to make the perfect single drip coffee. She’ll demonstrate how to add some holiday cheer to coffee by creating two different coffee cocktails. We know you’ll want to make these at your holiday party. Plus, Burkard will show you the art of latte art – including whimsical designs from Christmas trees to snowmen. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know for hosting a fabulous party, including how to serve designer coffees with fun accents such as peppermint swizzle sticks and chocolate spoons. As a special treat, you’ll receive a fun gift from Lickety Split, a bag filled with their decadent delights.

The Barista Bootcamp class will be offered on Dec. 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2015 from 5 pm to 7 pm in Lickety Split. The cost is 75 per person. Reservations are required and space is limited. To make reservations, (407) 313-6161.

We’ve got to know if you’ll be attending this fun Barista Bootcamp at Lickety Split. Please let us know if you’ve booked it or you’re planning to. We want to hear all about the fun you had or plan to!

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