Review: Corn Dog Castle Cheddar Cheese Stick

Sittin on Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure is Corn Dog Castle. This little stand features, well, you guessed it… corn dogs. Today we’re reviewing the Corn Dog Castle cheddar cheese stick.

Corn Dog Castle

Corn Dog Castle at Disney California Adventure

What is the cheddar cheese stick? It’s a chunk of cheddar cheese that has breaded a deep-fried, just like a corn dog. At Corn Dog Castle, it’s served with your choice of apple slices or a small bag of potato chips.

Cheddar Cheese Stick from Corn Dog Castle

The cheddar cheese stick is perfect for cheese lovers!

Cheddar Cheese Stick - Corn Dog Castle

A closer look at all the ooey gooey cheese

The cheddar cheese stick (6.69) is perfect for anyone who loves cheese. It’s a lot of cheese! The cheese is ooey gooey and so delicious. The breading isn’t over cooked and it’s a wonderful contrast to the soft cheese inside. It’s good by itself or dipped in mustard. We love mustard so that’s how we preferred it. During every trip to Disneyland we find this a must-do, so if you love cheese, we highly recommend trying it.

Corn Dog Castle menu

Corn Dog Castle menu

Which dog is your favorite at Corn Dog Castle?

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