Review: Macaroni and cheese hot dog

Along Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Fairfax Fare. The quick-service restaurant serves St.Louis-style ribs, chicken and gourmet hot dogs. One of our favorite items here are the gourmet hot dogs.

Fairfax Fare

Fairfax Fare in Sunset Ranch Market at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our favorite is the macaroni and cheese hot dog. You’re about to find out why…

Fairfax Fare's macaroni and cheese hot dog

Macaroni and cheese hot dog from Fairfax Fare

Mac and cheese gourmet dog at Fairfax Fare

There is a hot dog under all that macaroni and cheese!

The Macaroni and Cheese hot dog (8.59) is topped with macaroni and cheese, crispy bacon bits and truffle oil and served with chips. As you can see, there is a lot of mac and cheese and plenty of bacon. It’s very cheesy! There is just a touch of the truffle oil, not too much. Between the bacon and truffle oil, the hot dog is indulgent, but you’re at Disney… indulgence is allowed.

This gourmet hot dog is really good. I’d definitely order it again and recommend it for anyone who likes mac n’ cheese or bacon.

What’s your favorite gourmet hot dog at Fairfax Fare?

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