Shopping at Sour-Al-Magreb Gifts of Morocco in the Morocco Pavilion

Earlier this year the Morocco Pavilion opened up an new section that sits on the World Showcase Lagoon. The Juice Bar, Spice Road Table and Sour-Al-Magreb – Gifts of Morocco were all new additions. The gift shop is located between Spice Road Table and The Juice Bar. You can enter the shop from along with World Showcase walkway or through Spice Road Table. It features various items from Morocco and some of our favorites are the food and kitchen items.

Sour-Al-Magreb in Morocco DSC02803 d@d

Sour-Al-Magreb Gifts of Morocco is located next to Spice Road Table

If you have to wait for a table at Spice Road Table, step inside and check out the beautiful items that the shop offers. You’ll find everything from clothes to lamps to food.

Moroccan spices DSC02807 d@d

Spices used in Moroccan cuisine displayed at Sour-Al-Magreb

There are many spices that are used in Moroccan cooking. Some of the spices used are tumeric, paprika, cumin, ginger, cinnamon and saffron. The shop has many of them that you can see and even purchase. Aren’t the small tagines cute?

Tagine - Morocco Pavilion DSC02809 d@d

Tagine and spices available at Sour-Al-Magreb in Morocco Pavilion

A tangine pot is made of natural clay and is often painted or glazed. It is used to slow cook stews with meat, vegetables or fruit and spices. They are available in solid colors or painted ones like the shop sells.

Morocco Pavilion

Sour-Al-Magreb (Gifts of Morocco) olive oils

If you enjoy using olive oils, there are several brands and variety of oils. Some of the oils are different from the traditional green olive oil that we typically purchase from the grocery store. For example, Lefas Extra Virgin is made from Kalamata olives. The also come from a variety of countries including Greece, Italy and Spain.

Ahmad tea at Morocco DSC02806 d@d

Ahmad Tea is also available for purchase at Sour-Al-Magreb

Turkish coffee at Sour-Al- Magreb DSC02805 d@d

Sour-Al-Magreb also has a variety of traditional Turkish coffees that you can take home

The store sells a variety of Turkish coffee and Ahmad Tea. Some of the Ahmad Tea flavors available are Earl Grey, Apple Refresh black tea, Mixed Berries & Hibiscus, Raspberry & Pomegranate green tea and a variety back of green teas.

What have you purchased at Sour-Al-Magreb since they opened? We’d love to hear about your favorite items!

5 Thoughts on “Shopping at Sour-Al-Magreb Gifts of Morocco in the Morocco Pavilion

  1. on 11 August, 2014 at 5:04 pm said:

    I bought the tangine pot along with the base. The clerk went off and put it in a very large box which was delivered to our resort. Assuming that the size of the box (which had a “fragile” sticker on it) was due to the need to cushion the fragile earthenware we put it carefully inside the back seat of our car but when we arrived home and opened the box discovered that the lid,pot and base had just been stacked on top of eachother, not even wrapped in newspaper, and the contents of course broken. Emails have not been answered

    • Did you email Disney at this email address – wdw.guest.communications@disney I’ve never had an issue with them not responding. In the past, I’ve heard from them with in a couple of days.

      • on 11 August, 2014 at 6:12 pm said:

        No I emailed the Pavilion. I copied the address you suggested (wdw.guest.communications@disney and was notified by gmail that that address does not exist. Odd because i saw it in their contact information but several tries brought no result.

      • on 11 August, 2014 at 6:20 pm said:

        Kept trying dont know what the problem was but finally I was able to get the message sent. Thank you for your reply. Ill let you know what they respond

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