Tasty treats at Olaf’s Snow Fest

Early this year, the Mad Tea Party closed at Disney California Adventure. So what’s replaced it? Olaf’s Snow Fest! If you haven’t had enough of the Elsa, Anna and their adorable snow friend, Olaf, then you’ll love this new event. Just like the previous show that have taken place in this location, it’s for a limited-time.

Olaf's Snow Fest at Disney California Adventure

Olaf’s Snow Fest at Disney California Adventure

For those curious about the event, we’ve got a look at the tasty treats at Olaf’s Snow Fest. Take a look!

Olaf's Snow Fest menu

Olaf’s Snow Fest menu

Olaf cupcake - Olaf's Snow Fest

Olaf cupcake

Royal sisters cookie - Olaf Snow Fest

Royal sisters cookie

Shingle cookie - Olaf's Snow Fest

Shingle cookie

If something sweet is what you’re looking for, then there are plenty of goodies for you! Try Olaf’s Just Chillin’ cupcake (5.99), a Royal Sisters cookie (3.99) or Olaf’s Jinglebread Shingle cookie (3.59)

Build a Snowman cookie kit - Olaf Snow Fest

Build a Snowman cookie kit

Do you want to build a snowman? We’ll now you can… and without the cold snow! One of the adorable offerings is the “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” cookie kit (5.59).  It’s fun no matter what age you are.

Crunchy Snowman Veggie Cup - Olaf's Snow Fest

Crunchy Snowman Veggie Cup

Looking for something healthier?  Then pick up the Crunchy Snowman Veggie Cup (3.99). If has fresh veggies that look like Olaf’s face.

Frozen drinks - Olaf's Snow Fest

Frozen drinks at Olaf’s Snow Fest

To quench your thirst, there coffee, Warm Hugs Hot White Cocoa (2.89) and Summertime Blues Frozen Cooler served in a Royal Sisters or Olaf souvenir sipper cup (8.99). Also available is the Olaf Lemonade Strawberry Bar (4.19).

Please note, all prices do not include tax.

What’s going on besides food you ask. Well, you can build a snowman, going down a snow slide, meet Olaf (he does love warm hugs), list to Arendellian music or enjoy taking part in The Tubadours and The Frolicking Fjords. So make sure to stop by Stage 17 at Disney California Adventure for some winter fun.

~ All photos courtesy of Michelle Murry

Will you be checking out Olaf’s Snow Fest at Disney California Adventure? If you’ve been we’d love to hear about YOUR experience!


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