Food served at Disney Side @Home Celebration

Thanks Disney Side @Home Celebration for proving some free products to host the party. We’ve already shared with you the planning and the photo booth. Take a look at the food that we served at the party!

DSC02996 d@d

Disney Side @Home Celebration food table

Our Star Wars part of our party was Lightsaber Pretzels. Guests had to choose whether they want to join the Rebel Alliance (blue lightsaber) or the Dark Side (red lightsaber).

DSC02998 d@d

Star Wars Rebel Alliance lightsaber pretzels for Disney Side party

DSC02997 d@d

Star Wars Dark Side lightsaber pretzels from Disney Side party

Since kids can often be picky eaters we added a couple of kid-friendly menu items such as Mickey Mouse sandwiches. We had turkey, American cheese and wheat bread sliders. This is classic Disney of course!

DSC02989 d@d

Mickey Mouse sandwiches for Disney Side party

Also pretty kid-friendly was our Aladdin’s Stolen Market Good – carrots, peppers and two types of humus.

DSC02991 d@d

Aladdin’s Stolen Market Goods from Disney Side party

The biggest hit at the party had to be Tiana’s Jazzy Jambalaya. It was gone not soon after it was put on the table. It’s the one item that I almost took of my menu. The menu required so much work to make myself that I debated whether or not to make this. I’m so glad that did! Both Aladdin’s Stolen Market Good and Tiana’s Jazzy Jambalaya covered the new Disney animation aspect.

DSC02992 d@d

Tiana’s Jazzy Jambalaya from Disney Side party

Next item on the menu was Swedish Chef’s Meatballs. Of course these had to be Swedish meatballs and it was the Muppets part of our party.

DSC02994 d@d

Swedish Chef’s Meatballs from Disney Side party

From the Walt Disney World Resort we had ‘Ohana Coriander Chicken Wings. These were also a very popular dish at the party.

DSC02995 d@d

‘Ohana Coriander Wings from Disney Side party

We offered both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Our Hulk Punch in honor of Marvel was a hit with the kids. It’s lime sherbet and Sprite. They loved it!

DSC02993 d@d

Hulk Punch at Disney Side party

We had an open bar. Here are some of what was available for making cocktails.

DSC03003 d@d

Liquor available for Disney Side party cocktails

I did have one cocktail that I cam up with for the party representing Magic Kingdom, Storybook Circus Cotton Candy cocktail. The drink was topped off with cotton candy but that dissolves immediately. The drink was a big hit!


Storyboook Circus Cotton Candy cocktail from Disney Side party

We had plenty of dessert options too! Our Pixar aspect to our party was the Mike Wazowski cake pops. We made them with a brownie style cake, dipped them in candy melts, then used white candy melts and gel for the eyes. These took about 5 hours or so of man time to do. Definitely the most time consuming food item for the party.

DSC02988 d@d

Mike Wazowski cake pops for Disney Side party

We also had some Mickey cupcakes. The Mini-Oreos are the perfect size!

DSC02990 d@d

Mickey Mouse cupcakes for Disney Side party

We couldn’t resist attempting to make Dole Whips. There were two options, your traditional one that you find served in Disney World and Disneyland or a kicked up over 21 version found at Epcot Flower and Garden Festival. Pictured is the one with did with the spiced rum.

DSC03014 d@d

Dole Whip with rum from Disney Side party

As you can see we made sure to have “All Things Disney”.

Again, I’d like to thank Disney Side @Home Celebrations for proving some free products to host our party. Don’t forget to continue to follow #DisneySide for great party ideas. Read out post out our Disney Side @Home Celebration party prep and our photo booth!

Did you host a Disney Side @Home Celebration or have plans to? We’d love to hear about your party!

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