Battle of the sloppy joes

Today we are comparing the sloppy joe at Everything POP Shopping and Food Court to the sloppy for from Studio Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe sandwich at Everything POP

Sloppy Joe

A closer look at the Sloppy Joe sandwich at Everything POP

The sloppy joes at Everything POP is topped with cheese and three onion rings and is served with a side of fries (8.99). This sloppy joe is pretty good. The onion rings are a little too crunchy though, making it a little difficult to eat with them on the sandwich.

Studio Catering Co. sloppy joes are served on a sub bun with cheddar cheese and chipotle barbecue sauce and comes with a side of cole slaw (8.99). This is definitely the best menu item I’ve had at Studio Catering Co.! The sandwich wasn’t dry and wasn’t overloaded with sauce. The chipotle barbecue sauce was a nice twist and added a lot of flavor.

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe sandwich at Studio Catering Co.

Sloppy Joe

A closer look at the Sloppy Joe at Studio Catering Co.

So who wins the battle of the sloppy joes? The is no question about it, Studio Catering Co. has the better of the sloppy joes.

Which Disney restaurant has your favorite sloppy joes? Share below in our comments section!

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