New! Mickey’s Diner merchandise at the Disney Store

Every now and then we get the urge to visit the Disney Store to see what’s new and what we just absolutely must have. Well, this morning… we found amazing Disney Parks Mickey’s Diner merchandise. Take a look!

Disney Store - Mickey's Diner towels

Mickey’s Diner Dish Towel Set

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of dish towel set available at Just added to the many sets available is the Mickey’s Diner Dish Towel Set (16.95).

Disney Store - Mickey's Diner pot holder

Pot Holder

There is also a pot holder available (12.95). On the front is the Mickey’s Diner logo but on the back is the allover screen print that you see on the second towel.

Mickey's Diner tea glass

Mickey’s Diner Tea Glass available at the Disney Store

There are two tea glasses available. There is the Mickey’s Diner Tea Glass with the circle logo (11.95) and another with a red square logo (11.95). We just love the circle logo glass. The logo design and colors really remind us of a 50’s diner.

Disney Store - Mickey's Diner Soda Glass

Diner-style Soda Glass

In addition to a tea glass, you also must have a soda glass! The soda glass (11.95) comes with the banner logo (pictured above) or with a teal colored diner logo. This is exactly what you need for making root beer floats.

Disney Store - Mickey's Diner dinner plate

Logo Dinner Plate

The dinner plate (12.95) only comes with one design, but they do have dessert plates. There are two colorful options for desserts! The first one has the Mickey’s Diner sign and the other, vintage Chef Mickey (9.95).

Disney Store - Mickey's Diner coffee mug

Mickey’s Really Swell Diner Mug

Just like all the other beverages, there are two options. This colorful souvenir mug (12.95) and a classic diner logo mug. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re an off-white and the side curve in… kinda like what you get at IHOP, Waffle House or Denny’s.

So who’s going shopping at the Disney Store today?

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