Tiffins restaurant is coming to Animal Kingdom

In 2016, Tiffins restaurant is coming to Animal Kingdom! This will be the first new dining experience to open in the park in a long time.

Tiffins restaurant to debut in 2016 at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Concept art for Tiffins restaurant coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Tiffins restaurant will be a signature dining experience that will offer indoor and outdoor seating with waterfront views. The location will be open for lunch and dinner. According to Jennifer Fickley-Baker, the restaurant will feature “a diverse menu drawing from places that inspired the creation of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”. The restaurant will celebrate traveling, even the restaurant’s name suggests food and traveling. As the word tiffin means midday meal or a type of container used to carry food while traveling in Indian English.

Disney didn’t release the location of the restaurant. Considering that Disney Parks Blog mentions “Rivers of Light”, which will take place on Discovery River between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest, we are thinking that this could be the area..

There is also no mention of what type of menu items will be served. If it’s located where we think… it could be a menu consisting of both Asian and African foods inspired by the travel of their journeys. We’re just trying to think like Disney Imagineers. 🙂

We’ll keep you posted as more information is released on this new and exciting restaurant!

Are you as excited about Tiffins restaurant coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom as we are? What type of food do you think they’ll serve? Share in our comment section below!

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