Two new events coming soon to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Starting on April 22, 2016, guests will be able to enjoy two new events at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Both of these are included in your park admission!

Viva Gala Street Band! is part of Discovery Island Carnivale that will be taking place starting April 22, 2016 at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Viva Gala Street Band!

Discovery Island Carnivale

Inspired by the Carnival celebrations that take place all around the world, Discovery Island Carnivale will be a nighttime street party guests of all ages can enjoy. It will start late afternoon and run through the evening. Guests will discover Latin drumming and world-beat rhythms. A group of Islanders – Viva Gala Street Band will play cheerful music from one end of Discovery Island to the other where they’ll hit the Discovery Island stage. The costumes for this will be inspired by animals from the air, land and sea.

Harambe Wildlife Parti

Taking place in Harambe, located in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a wide array of entertainers will celebrate the wild animals. This party will start late afternoons with Burudika Band playing Afro-Pop music on the main stage. In the surrounding areas, guests will also enjoy Muziki, African drum circle; Karibu Sisters who resemble African cranes with dancing, singing and acoustic music; Harambe Soccer Meerkats will play street soccer that’s inspired by the animals with acrobatics and dancing; and Harambe Village Acrobats which will be decked-out in grass, beads, bells and features while performing circus-style acrobatics.

We aren’t sure if there will be some new eats and drinks to enjoy during these events, but we sure hope so. There are already plenty of delicious items to enjoy in Harambe, so make sure to try some.

Are you excited to see some nighttime entertainment come to Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Which will you be enjoying?

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