Update on Disney Rapid Fill mugs

Rumors have been swirling for some time on the resort refillable mugs having a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip added. The rumors are running wild again. This time stating that the new system will be rolled out this month.

Rapid Fill mug

Disney Rapid Fill mug logo

According to several online sources like Orlando Theme Park News the new Disney Rapid Fill mugs will be coming to the resorts starting this month at the All Star Resorts. We haven’t been able to confirm this yet with the Disney World Resort. We’ve complied a list of questions and answers were seen across various websites, including responses posted to an article by Jeff who states that he works for the Finance Department at Walt Disney World.

What is the price of the Rapid Fill mugs?

8.99 for 1 day, 11.99 for 2 days, 14.99 for 3 days and 17.99 for length of stay (4 or more days)

Can the Rapid Fill mugs be used at all resort hotels?

They may be refilled at any Walt Disney World owned and operated resort with a self-service beverage station.

Will there be a new design?

The design and cup size will remain the same but have new colors.

How does the activation time work?

The day ends at 11:59 pm each night, not a 24-hour window from first use. No matter what time you activate your mug, the mug will expire at 11:59 pm on the last day of stay.

What if I have a split stay?

If you are on DDP on both stays, you will receive two mugs. If you are only on DDP for part of your stay, you’ll need to buy a mug for the rest of your stay if you’d like to have the free refills. However, if you are on a split stay, and do not have DDP, you may buy the mug, (and with a designed workaround) you’ll be able to have the 4+ days refill. Since the mugs will now work from resort to resort, the second resort will just need to verify your Length Of Stay. – Jeff

What about paper cups?

Paper cups will have a chip and dispense four, 20 oz. pours in 60 minutes from first pour.

Will tea and coffee have chips?

Yes at some point. Most likely not to start with.

Will the Rapid Fill mugs come with the Disney Dining Plan?

Yes. The mugs will still be part of the Disney Dining Plan.

Will Disney be adding additional beverage stations?

Yes. Some of the resorts will receive additional beverage stations. Beverage stations will be added by the pools at some of the resorts too.

Will guests be able to use there mugs at the water parks?

Currently the mugs are only for the beverage stations at the resorts but guests will be able to add the water park option in the future.

Can the mugs be reactivate on a future visit?

As of right now, no. The mugs will be only for length of stay and expire at 11:59 pm on the final day. (We hope that Disney adds the ability for the mugs to be reactivated on future visits so we don’t have so many mugs at home.)

Can the mugs be microwaved?

No due to the RFID chip inside.

We’ll keep you posted on any additional information that we get about these refillable mugs.


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