Disney Dining Plan prices increase

As it goes every year, Disney World has increased their Disney Dining Plan prices.

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan allows for guests to pay a per night rate to enjoy dining at select locations without the worry of having to pay at the end of the meal. Except for the tip, of course. Guests have dining credits to use to pay for their meal. The number and type of credits depend upon the plan purchased.

As of this week, the prices have made a little bit of jump in cost. Take a look at the new rates:

Quick Service Disney Dining Plan
Adult – 48.19 per night (increase of 1.85 from 46.34)
Child – 20.88 per night (increase of 0.70 from 20.18)

Plus Disney Dining Plan
Adult – 69.35 per night (increase of 2.02 from 67.33)
Child – 24.95 per night (increase of 0.73 from 24.22)

Deluxe Disney Dining Plan
Adult – 106.68 per night (increase of 3.11 from 103.57)
Child – 38.75 per night (increase of 1.13 from 37.62)

Ages 10 and up are considered an adult. Ages 3-9 are considered a child. Children under the age of 3 are not eligible for the Disney Dining Plan.

For more information on Disney Dining Plans, visit our Disney Dining Plan page!

Do you think with the price increase it is still worth it for YOUR family to get one of the Disney Dining Plans? Please, share your thoughts in our comment section below!

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