Details about Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

At the end of 2015, Disney announced the addition of Tiffins in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This new table-service restaurant, set to open this summer, will be located in Discovery Island.

Tiffins at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tiffins will be the newest Disney’s Animal Kingdom restaurant

We now have some new details about this new signature restaurant. Tiffins will be a 252-seat restaurant, open daily for lunch and dinner. The menu will consist of items from Europe, Africa, Asian, and the Americas… pretty much the entire world.

The restaurant will have a detailed map as you enter, artwork, journals and research from those who created Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The artwork will reflect travels to Africa, Asia and South America and include sketches and photographs. There will be three “galleries” (dining rooms): Asia – Trek Gallery with 74 seats, Africa – Safari Gallery with 64 seats and Disney Conservation Fund animals – Grand Gallery with 114 seats. We love animals so we can’t wait to check out the Grand Gallery.

According to Disney Parks Blog – The travel-inspired artwork includes a static, three-dimensional piece that features prayer flags blowing in the wind. “As our research team traveled up the high mountains of Nepal, the winds were strong,” explained O’Brien. “The prayer flags are rarely seen hanging, they are always blowing.” This portrayal of the motion is realistically captured in the display which will hang above a corner booth in the Trek Gallery.

Tiffins dining room at Disney's Animal Kingdom

A look at Tiffins’ dining room

There will also be a Nomad Lounge which will have a waterfront view and focus on storytelling. It will have larger banners that have answers to travel questions. Some of the questions include “what do you always do when traveling?” To support the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, guests will be able to purchase a tag to write their answers to the questions to be displayed.

So tell us… what do you always do when traveling? Share your stories with us!

What do we do? Well, we like to learn about the culture and history when we travel internationally. Locally, we love meeting new people.


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