Frozen snacks perfect for taking home

Guests will find plenty of delicious snacks inside Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post. Take a look at the Frozen snacks we found that are perfect for taking home to your loved ones!

Anna and Elisa rice crispy treats

Anna and Elisa rice crispy treats

Olaf rice crispy treat

Olaf rice crispy treat

Frozen fans will love these rice crispy treats! One has an icing with an edible print of Anna and Elisa, the other, with everyone’s favorite snowman – Olaf. Both of the treats are just 3.95 and Disney Dining Plan snack credits can be redeemed for them.

Anna and Elisa sugar cookie

Anna and Elisa sugar cookie

For those that love both Anna and Elisa, there are these sugar cookies. They have an edible print of the princesses. They are 3.95 and can be purchased with Disney Dining Plan snack credits.

Anna and Elisa lollipops

Frozen’s Anna and Elisa lollipops

There are the colorful blue raspberry lollipops wrapped with Anna and Elisa. They’re a just 3.45 and can be purchased with Disney Dining Plan credits.

Frozen Elisa coffee mugs

Elisa coffee mugs

Elisa tumblers

Elisa tumblers perfect for your little princess!

Anna bowl

Anna plastic bowl

If you’re looking for a gift to take home to your friends or family that isn’t edible, there are some cute items. We found ceramic mugs that have Elisa on both sides (her as a princess on one side, queen on the other), cute pink kids tumblers (perfect for small hands) and adorable plastic Anna bowls.

Check out what snacks are available at the stand inside Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post!

Have you picked up any of these goodies to take back home? We’d love to hear about it!

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