Review: Apple pie caramel apple

The Disney Parks are a caramel apple lovers dream! There are so many options! One of the most interesting apples is the apple pie caramel apple.

caramel apple

Disney’s apple pie caramel apple

The apple pie caramel apple is a Granny Smith apple covered in caramel, dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and dipped in pie crust crumbs. As you can see, the caramel and white chocolate are pretty even in coating.  The apple was fresh and crisp which was a nice contrast to the ooey gooey greatness of the caramel. We really enjoyed this apple! The white chocolate added the flavor of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the cinnamon-sugar gave it the spice that you find in the pie, the crumbs the taste and texture of pie crust and the apple… well, the apple part of the pie (of course!).

caramel apple

The inside of a apple pie caramel apple

Have you tried one of the apple pie caramel apple? What did you think?

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