Review: L’Artisan des Glace Ice Cream Martini

L’Artisan des Glace is located in Epcot’s France Pavilion. The ice cream shop is in the former building for Boulangerie Patisserie and features artisan ice creams and sorbets.

DSC05255 d@d

L’Artisan des Glace in the France Pavilion

DSC05262 d@d

L’Artisan des Glace in the France Pavilion at Epcot

DSC05214 d@d

Decor in L’Artisan des Glace

L’Artisan des Glaces Menu

The menu is minimal but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Guest have the option of cup or cone and if you’re 21 and older you can add liquor to your ice cream.

DSC05259 d@d

Menu at L’Artisan des Glace

DSC05216 d@d

Choose from 16 flavors at L’Artisan des Glace

Ordering Your Ice Cream or Sorbet

After choosing whether you want a cup or cone, one scoop or two, it’s time to pick your flavor. There are sixteen flavors, ten ice cream and six sorbet.

We decided to go with the two scoops in a bowl with liquor. We asked the Cast Member which flavors were his favorite and he selected profiterole and pistachio for us. Our choice for liquor was simple, Grand Marnier.

DSC05238 d@d

At L’Artisan des Glace guests can choose cone or cup

DSC05223 d@d

L’Artisan des Glace ice cream and sorbet

The flavors of ice cream include the traditional ones like vanilla and chocolate with some unique flavors like profiterole, coco-white chocolate and caramel fleur de sel. For sorbet, they offer the typical flavors like strawberry and lemon along side some interesting ones, such as pomegranate and melon.

Liquor toppings include Grand Marnier, Martinique Clement V.S.O.P rum and Epic Whipped Cream vodka.

DSC05231 d@d

Guests can choose from three liquor toppings

DSC05235 d@d

We added Grand Marnier to our ice cream

L’Artisan des Glace Ice Cream Martini

Pistachio ice cream is one of my favorites. This one did not disappoint! It was really creamy and had a great flavor that could hold up to the Grand Marnier. The profiterole added a nice contrast to the flavor of the pistachio and made the Grand Marnier flavor pop.

The fact that the ice cream is served in a martini glass instead of a standard cup adds to the elegance of the ice cream. It’s definitely not your everyday, from-the-freeze ice cream.

DSC05242 d@d

L’Artisan des Glace profiterole and pistachio ice cream with Grand Marnier

DSC05244 d@d

Closer look at L’Artisan des Glace ice cream


The ice cream was creamy and had great flavors. Though the choices are limited there is plenty of combinations you can create (about 120). This will not be our last visit to L’Artisan des Glace! If you love ice cream, this is a place you must try.

Have you tried L’Artisan des Glace? What did YOU try? We want to hear!

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